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A business website to get you qualified leads 24/7. 365 days a year.

Getting on line is exciting. It offers unlimited potential. We can help you with all the tools you need to succeed. Your website could be live and up and running in no time flat! Do it your way;

  • Done for you - Built, Optimized and launched - a true "Turn Key" option
  • Do it yourself - with all the tools, templates and tutorials you need to launch your own project

Get your Domain.

If you are still using a generic (Gmail/Yahoo/Worldonline/Mweb/iAfrica) email address for your business, your credibility is low and you are harming your chances. If you want to be professional and gain respect, you have to "Look" serious.

Build a Website.

In the big picture, if you want the brutal truth, sustainable and long term success online is a holistic endeavor. It is not going to happen overnight and it requires thoughtful planning. The rewards however can be life changing. And, like it or not, it is the future.

Grow with SEO..

In order to get found and to be shown high up in Google / Yahoo / Bing listings, you have to have optimised pages.  Your keywords, phrases, and links are some of the things that help your ranking..Search Engine Optimisation.

get online, take your business to the world

When you need to travel, start. Today a skateboard, tomorrow a scooter, later it could be a Ferrari. Who knows. But start. You will be amazed at how easy and inexpensive it really is. 

Happy Clients...

GTEM SEO Dr Neil Gomes

Built a website from scratch. From being nowhere in the Google search results we went to page one in search results in our extended area. We also feature at No 1 in the Google Map Pack results for the most difficult search terms.

Neil ‧ Chiropractor

Quentin Austin Testimonial

Our simple website has been able to influence clients in key areas. The website allows us to reach more people and is a great resource in our marketing efforts. The behind the scenes work that is done constantly on the website ensures the information is always updated and backed up. 

Quentin ‧ Engineer

Rohan testimonial

We had an old website that Easy Websites upgraded. The entire process was done from the ground up. All aspects of the SEO - optimization, keyword selection, analytics and social media were fixed. Our site was also connected to a lead generating system and sales process. The results have been stellar. More visits, more enquiries, more sales and best of all, critical data is being captured. Highly recommended.

Rohan  ‧ Retail Print/Advertising and Design

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