Getting to page #1 in GOOGLE! quickly!

Tired of never showing in search results?

There is no magic bullet. But, with the right system it's possible. 4 of our clients did it in the last 6 months.

Here is a real live example

Getting to the top in less than 2 months.  15th Jan

1st week Feb

As with everything in life. The beginning is bleak. But we have to walk the walk.

These results show a rolling 28 day number.

2nd week Feb

end Jan GMB - GTEM

Numbers start to grow. Result of reaching out to existing customers and vigorous posting.

These results show a rolling 28 day number.

End of 1st Week Feb 2020

Traction starts. Still posting aggressively. No stats at this time to work with. Too early.

These results show a rolling 28 day number.

2nd Week Feb

2nd week Feb GMB - GTEM

Within a month the numbers are solid but not fantastic. This is with only a single social media channel

These Activities result in new appointments and calls.

Results in the Google Map Pack were astounding. This was a client whose business didn't appear in the entire area before starting. 

We have since added two additional channels and as of today he is no.1 in a larger area with more competitive keywords.

Spinal GTEM seo

If you are gatvol with getting below average results, talk to us.  It won't be a walk in the park but with a proven system it will work for you.

More searches,

more enquiries,

more quotes.

This is the lifeblood of your business.

Get found, be available, take action..

Arrange a short consultation, see if this would be a good fit.

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