E-Mail Marketing Automation

I’ve tested and tried lots of  email marketing tools. For me, a good email tool lets you design and send engaging newsletters while making your life easier with easy-to-use features like email automation and segmentation. The tool must have all the features you need and be affordable.
All these things, and a little more, I found in MailerLite.

My favorite features include:

  • Drag and Drop Editor
    Intuitive and logical. Build what you want where you want.
  • Landing Page Builder:  
    Create sales pages, brochures or any other type of marketing web page.
  • Advanced E-Mail Automation:  
    Send emails, newsletters or sales and marketing documents. Send automatically. Scheduled timing. Repeatable. Emails can be tracked. Recipients can be tagged and categorized so your mails are targeted, relevant and appreciated.
    In-email quizzes, surveys and other interactive elements.
  • Other Benefit:
    In e-mail surveys, quizzes. Feedback of stats. Measuring your metrics. All done to help improve conversions. (Sales)

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