How to get found on Google when people  search  for your product or service.

Be on the first page of the results. With growing use of "Voice Search" and the power of mobile devices, being on page #1 of Google search results is getting more and more competitive. We can help you achieve this.

How Much Would a Ranking on the First Page of Google Be Worth to Your Business?

Would you like more of this to happen..

Prospects Phoning you.

Make it simple for people who find you online. Clickable links to make instant phone calls.

Maps with pinpoint accuracy giving the prospect driving directions.

Prospects Visiting you.

Again, no surprises. Pictures of your business. Driving directions.

Re-inforce information with Offers/Incentives.

Help section for even more convenience.

Prospects Emailing you.

Let them start a conversation. Help them solve their problems. Keep everything relevant.

Increase engagement.

Build your list for future sales and marketing offers.

Which in turn leads to more of this.

more money

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How to get on the 1st Page of  


Finding the right mix

Optimise Website

How to Optimize Your Keywords.

Ensure your schema markup is in order.

Your site is secure and safe.

Your load speed is good.

Navigation is slick.

Backlinks are all in order.

All images are tagged properly.

Domain authority is good.

How to Build Authority With the Right Links..


How to Optimize Your Google My Business Profile
Simple Strategy for Obtaining Tons of High Quality Reviews
Cheap & Easy Way to Get Listed in All the Top Online Directories
How to Make Your Website "Google-Friendly"
How to Build Authority With the Right Links..

Create Engagement

The more engagement you get on your site, the better your rankings.

Connect with: Social media. Surveys. Quizzs. Subscriptions. Newsletters. Advisories.

As with most things, it takes time. No magic bullet here..

We have run multiple tests with diverse industry types and products/services. We tried a lot, and failed quite a bit. Eventually we started to see consistent progress. Our most difficult test case is shown below.

In the beginning...

The numbers were extremely modest.

GMB metrics

With testing, tweaking and research we started to get results!

GMB Strategic Alliances

In early August we got to # 1.

(2 weeks after verification)

We maintained that and expanded the area size for an additional two months!

The success we achieved was a result of a Multi-Faceted and holistic approach.

The product and industry we chose was by it's nature "Difficult"!

Financial services and Insurance are not a product that is actively sought after by prospects. The sales process is all about outreach on the part of the supplier and their agents and brokers. 

To achieve this we used;

  • SEO on the website and GMB.
  • Tactical approach to releasing content
  • Use of 3 platforms, social media, Google.

Techy Stuff

SEO - Search Engine Optimisation, is a key driver of online success. Both in Search and ultimately sales. 

Keywords and phrases, configuration of your code in your website.  Your content. The relevance of the content. Your domain authority and  knowledge of your subject. Getting engagement around and in your digital world.

Note: All your platforms need to re-inforce and compliment each other

Type, timing and copy all played there parts.  

The Increase in the key metrics was remarkable.

Increase in Views - Search and Map. Activities, including Website visits, Calls and Direction requests were all up significantly.

 Search up by
Website visits
Activity up by

Overcoming a Competitive Space..

Search results are getting crowded out on the front page. By paid Ads and Map Packs.

Adverts and Maps take away space for ORGANIC sites.

There is now even less room to appear page 1. 

Here only 3 sites will show on front page!!

The Plan - Broken Down

Strategic Alliances- finding the right broker

It's a crowded place.

Why should someone use you?

If they search for you in your area (your home turf), who will they find?

If you do not appear on the top / or on the 1st page, what are your chances?

Are you the easiest to get to?

What are others saying about you?

Search habits are changing, so are the results. 

Most people search first on their mobiles.

These searches are largely VOICE & "Intent" ie. 

  • Emergency locksmith in, "name of suburb" - "near me"
  • VW clutch specialist...
  • Sushi specials...
  • Closest chiropractor...

Note:  These are people looking for solutions to immediate problems. On a mobile device they do not even have to mention the area, Google will serve up the answers in their immediate proximity based on location.

Being in the right position is critical.

No one scrolls past Googles answers on page #1.

Why would your prospect?

People are Not going to:-.

....  stop, buy a newspaper and look for your ad!

.....  see your signboard.

.....  tune in to Radio GaGa to try and catch your ad.

....... find you in the Yellow Pages!

They will find you in Search or Maps.

Be there for them when they search.

Improve you rankings in 3 easy steps.

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    Step 1:

    Fill in the simple form below and send it off.
  2. 2
    Step 2:

    Complete a site Audit. Give us 3 days to analyse your metrics and we will deliver your audit with suggestions. (If any).
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    Step 3:

    From the results determine your most important immediate priorities. Make the necessary changes.

Get to Page one on Google

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Customer stories

Rohan testimonial

Rohan H. - CEO of Print & Advertising

Search results were improved tremendously. Our marketing campaigns have been growing steadily ever since. On the first page in Google Map search in our area.

Quentin Austin Testimonial

Quentin Austin - CEO of Process Chematics

Optimised my Consultancy website and targeted keywords and improved SEO metrics. Results have been awesome. 

Darryl Moodie

Darryl Moodie - Owner Focus Marketing

Created an automated Lead Generation system that works across all platforms, social, web and listings that is bringing us a flow of referrals. He also helped with my surfing technique.

D Fletcher

CEO - BizOnline- SEO 

Designing websites that are focused on converting visitors to customers. Generating more leads.. Optimised and integrated with all available and suitable systems built to grow your business. 

Automation, CRM, Sales funnels, Landing pages and social media.